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Complete waste management services covering Collection, Transportation, Sorting, Treatment, Recycling, and Responsible disposal of Wood/Glass Waste for a sustainable and efficient approach to Waste handling

Ye Prayas dealing in Wood and Glass waste

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Presently in India, about 960 million tonnes of solid waste is being generated annually as by- products during industrial, mining, municipal, agricultural and other processes. Out of this 290 million tons is accounted by industrial and mining activities and timber and glassware form a major chunk of this. While they are categorized as non-hazardous waste, they create not only a management and disposal problem in any eco-system but, some forms of silicon oxides used in glass production and incineration have proven to cause detrimental damage to the environment. The pollutants released through their common disposal process (incineration) have been actively adding to our metrics of air pollution and increasing our carbon footprint. Reusing of timber and glassware may seem common in households,

it is largely absent in industries. Thus, there is an important need to generate a recycling mechanism for such waste products roping in large producers of such waste as opposed to the current method of incineration. A decreasing green cover across the Earth and a declining availability of landfill and disposal sites along with a staggering decline in the quality of water and air that we consume makes recycling of such products the need of the hour. Another factor to champion this idea is simply an adoption of recycling of timber and it would regenerate revenue not only as products but also via an indirect engendering of forest resources along with conserving the biodiversity, cleaning air, reducing green-house gasses as well as supporting subsidiary activities like pisciculture, apiculture etc.

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