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Emancipate. Metricize. Process. Tailor. Yield.

A B2B connection program for bulk consumers/generators of EEE, partnering in the management so that you don’t have to worry about managing your waste generation from value as well as compliance perspective

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Our Office decommissioning services provide the most immersive and at-hand responsible waste management measures for organizations. We have transformed the standard decommissioning process into an elaborate experience, where the any waste produced in the process is extracted to produce maximum value, integrated within the system of circular economy and channelled to the appropriate centres with their environmental impact put at the highest of priorities.

The goals of the program EMPTY are to Emancipate the companies from the cumbersome process of restoring offices to their original condition post occupation. To Metricize the different categories of the waste being produced including (but not limited to) Electronic, Wood, Glass, Ceramic, Metal, Chemical, Oil etc. and to Process each of these categories in its respective manner, catering to the established government norms as well as reducing their undue impact on the environment. To Tailor the office to the needs of the owner in terms of restoring and/or retaining certain aspects of the multi- faceted establishment and to finally Yield maximum benefits from the processing of the waste produced in both monetary as well as in terms of protection of the environment. 

Ye Prayas EMPTY service
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