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Aim. Coach. Talk. Ideate. Observe. Nurture

Hands-on approach to the CSR, partnering with organizations to promote environmental awareness, need for recycling and better waste management at employees, societal and individual levels along with the need to act on climate emergency

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Ye Prayas ACTION service

We partner with organizations to launch awareness campaigns on the subject of waste management and the requirement for persistent recycling. The program covers a wide dynamic of people from all age groups and backgrounds. We understand the need to spread awareness on waste management is crucial for a healthier tomorrow and we partner with keen Corporates, Governmental organization, RWAs and NGOs in launching nation-wide campaigns and collection drives over a variety of media.

The goals of this program are to secure the Aim for a society where at least half of the waste produced is recycled, generating wealth that would otherwise have been lost. To Coach the younger generations in standard practices for efficient waste management and recycling. To Talk to a variety of stakeholders and understand their concerns and Ideate solutions to meet their requirements. To Observe the current practices in businesses and homes in order to create more effective and engaging solutions and to finally Nurture the spirit of community growth that is all inclusive, environment friendly and driven by the concept of sustainability. 

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