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Combine. Organize. Nurture. Navigate. Engender. Create. Tell.

Producer’s one stop solution to all their EPR related needs, including waste channelization, meeting of their required govt compliance and CPCB target which optimizes the recycling process and extract value from waste

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The goals of this program are to Combine the expertise of various sectors and help Organize a company’s outflow and management of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE.) To establish a Network of collection and recycling centres throughout the country to meet the industry’s demands. To help companies Navigate through the complex and constantly evolving EPR rules and meet it the necessary obligations. To Engender responsibilities among all stakeholders of environment and Create a platform for them to come together and interact in a mutually beneficial manner with the aim of enhancing the ideas of sustainability and circular economic flow. To finally Tell individual success stories to inspire others to join in the campaign.

Ye Prayas Connect service
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