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Collaborative opportunities with Recyclers and Dismantlers to propel environmental sustainability. Our innovative offering fosters partnerships that optimize recycling practices, promote eco-friendly solutions, and drive positive environmental impact. Join us in building a greener, circular economy, preserving resources, and embracing responsible waste management for a sustainable future.

E-Waste as a Growing Environmental Hazard and Business Opportunity

Waste management is a rapidly growing industry worldwide, with E-waste being the fastest-growing waste stream. Computer equipment accounts for nearly 70% of E-waste, followed by telecommunication equipment, electrical equipment, and medical equipment. While E-waste poses significant environmental hazards, it also presents substantial opportunities for entrepreneurs.

India's E-Waste Generation and Business Potential

India ranks as the fifth-largest producer of E-waste globally, with its E-waste generation expected to grow annually at a rate of 30%. This presents a significant business opportunity for E-waste recycling in the country. Recognizing this potential, Ye Prayas aims to explore and tap into the untouched opportunities in managing and recycling end-of-life electronics or E-waste.

Collaboration with Recyclers/ Dismantlers and Setting up Collection Points

To fulfill the brands' E-waste collection targets assigned by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) under Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), Ye Prayas plans to collaborate with authorized E-waste recyclers and dismantlers. They aim to work as execution partners with a common goal of efficient E-waste management. Additionally, Ye Prayas is committed to establishing a network of collection points and implementing a well-planned reverse logistics process. This network will provide support to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and help them save capital costs and revenue expenses associated with managing individual collection points.

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