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Kindle. Narrate. Observe. Wonder.

This program ropes in the much-ignored academic sector and promotes research and development, we provide an experienced based holistic curriculum along with providing inside industry experience to students for waste management.

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We partner with academic institutions at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels to design special curriculums to meet the needs of their students and staff on the subject of waste management. Our executives have years of hands on experience in the sector and design the courses from a vast reservoir of real case studies and personal experience. This program also provides an opportunity for students to connect with the industry early on and gain an insight on its day to day functioning. The engagement concept of the program enables the establishment of a direct line of communication between the students, academicians and the industry for a circular flow of knowledge, ideas and innovations.

The goal of the program is to Kindle research and active participation in the waste management processes. To Narrate the functioning of the waste management industry and highlight career prospects of the industry. To Observe up and coming practices and procedures in waste management and the different emerging sectors, each with their own unique demands and conflate efforts to Wonder on improving efficiency in making the industry more beneficial for the environment and future generations. 

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