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Complete waste management services covering Collection, Transportation, Sorting, Treatment, Recycling, and Responsible disposal of Corporate Waste for a sustainable and efficient approach to Waste handling

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Ye Prayas dealing in corporate waste

Corporate waste covers a large variety of waste production that is annually generated with offices and industries as its bulk producer. This category extends well beyond the plastic and Electrical and Electronic Equipment largely employed within office boundaries. Wood, metal, Styrofoam, ceramic, paint etc. also form a major chunk of this waste. The discarding of glassware, furniture and supporting equipment produced in offices and industries poses a continuous threat to the environment in terms of disposal, degradation and damage. Moreover, under the concept of Circular Economy these so-called waste products can also be beneficial in generating and regenerating of a large number of basic elements that can be further used in production,

thus employing a strategy of disposal as against recycling not only delivers a continuous and impacting blow to the environment but also to wealth utilisation. These “waste products” if recycled can lead to extraction of metals like Iron, Cobalt, Nickel etc. along with a multitude of other products that can later be consumed in the production of other finished products. Thus, it is important to capitalize these wasted resources by channelling them back to the economy and not leaving them to deteriorate over decades in landfills and water bodies posing a fatal threat to a number of natural ecosystems.

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