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Our Mission
& Vision



Our mission is to identify EOL resources flow, adding value and maximizing its flow towards the circular economy while minimizing and/or eliminating its harmful environmental and health impact so that our people, environment and economy can thrive.

To be an admirable company in the waste management arena and changing the face of globe through technology and innovation, making zero tolerance on resource wastage, thus making our Earth a better place for our people.


The objectives and targets of Ye Prayas can be represented as a move in order to make the current practices away from landfill disposal and to promote prevention, preparing for reuse, recycling, thus in other words “To develop an ecosystem of an environmentally organic waste management system that ensures the adequate collection and treatment with sustainable methods”.
For this we need to involve the different, necessary stakeholders to ensure the proper execution of the necessary applications in municipalities, existing recyclers, refurbishes, collection & treatment agents, aggregators and small scrappers thus it includes:

  • Enhancement of local waste management services and organization at all levels.

  • Improvement of local environment and economy, especially enhancing the reusing and recycling sectors.

  • Adaptation and creation of waste management employment and improvement of the working conditions of the people and workers.

  • To enhance the knowledge and good practices of the stakeholders involved by making available the Guidelines and Training programs

  • Training, awareness raising and modification of habits of all participants, both mentors, agents and people involved in the collection and treatment processes.

Meet the Team

Meet our passionate team, Our experienced team is dedicated to sustainable waste management and recycling solutions for a cleaner, greener future.

Our Partners

We are Collaborating & working with leading environmental organizations and conscientious businesses to revolutionize waste management and recycling practices. Together for a cleaner Earth
Rebon Lube Oil
Cure Earth
Pro ewaste

Working With the Best

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