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Empower your corporate sustainability journey with our comprehensive environmental services. From waste management to data sanitization and eco-awareness sessions, we tailor solutions to align with your green goals. Join forces with us to enhance your environmental footprint, demonstrate responsible business practices, and contribute to a sustainable future for all

Corporate Contribution to E-Waste 

Corporates are among the primary contributors to electronic waste (E-waste) in the country. Due to their role as bulk consumers of electronic and electrical goods, combined with the ongoing trend towards digitization, offices and corporates generate E-waste on a significant scale that often exceeds their own predictions.

Challenges in E-Waste Management

The management of E-waste poses several challenges, leading to wastage of resources. Due to lack of knowledge, resources, or time, valuable materials that could be extracted from E-waste are often discarded. Consequently, the discarded E-waste ends up in landfill sites, where it becomes accessible to disadvantaged children. The unrefined and unprotected segregation and extraction processes of these children pose risks to their health as well as to natural resources such as soil, air, and water.

Impact on Waste Management and Public Health

The unorganized waste management practices of the corporate sector have detrimental effects on both waste management and public health. Improper disposal of E-waste contributes to pollution of natural resources, including soil, air, and water. This pollution has far-reaching consequences, affecting the quality of life and overall life expectancy of individuals exposed to the contaminated environment. Additionally, the informal recycling processes often utilized for E-waste extraction pose risks to the health of workers involved.

Solutions for Effective E-Waste Management

A viable solution to address the challenges posed by corporate E-waste is to establish channels that direct waste from these bulk consumers to government authorized recyclers. By collaborating with authorized recyclers, corporates can ensure responsible handling, recycling, and disposal of their E-waste. This approach not only adds value for the corporates but also has a positive impact on the environment by reducing pollution and promoting the circular economy. Moreover, it helps formalize the waste management and recycling sector, leading to improved standards, job creation, and the prevention of harm to vulnerable populations associated with informal recycling practices.

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