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Public Sector Units

We deliver specialized environmental solutions as a trusted partner of the Government and Public Sector Units. From waste management and recycling to Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) compliance, we support your sustainability initiatives. Together, let's lead by example, creating a cleaner, more resilient environment for our nation and its citizens.

Environmental Damage Caused by Industrial Waste

Industrial sectors, both small and large, contribute to environmental damage by dumping toxic and hazardous waste in public spaces and water sources. This practice has led to severe and lasting environmental consequences in these areas over the past three decades.

Industrial Waste Generation and Neglected Treatment

Rapid industrialization has resulted in the production of large quantities of sewage and liquid waste from various sectors such as sugar, paper, fruit and vegetable processing, tanning, poultry, and more. Despite the requirement for pollution control measures, these waste products are often disregarded and discharged into water bodies or the environment without proper treatment. This lack of treatment is a significant cause of environmental pollution and poses health risks.

Challenges in Waste Handling and the Role of Ye Prayas

Handling the vast amount of waste generated by industries poses challenges in waste management. Waste segregation into different categories and adopting specific processing methods are complex tasks.

Ye Prayas, as a registered Producers Responsibility Organization (PRO) recognized by the central pollution control board (CPCB), takes on the responsibility of waste management. They ensure safe recycling, reuse, and disposal of electronic waste. By addressing these challenges, Ye Prayas contributes to reducing the environmental impact of electronic waste and promotes sustainable waste management practices.

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