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Secure. Aggregate. Fix. Erase.

Data sanitization is crucial for the processing of E-waste, we lend our experienced expertise in protecting pilferage of data, including methods such as Degaussing, Drilling, Destruction and Erasing both through software and hardware

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We provide comprehensive and government certified Sanitization of Data, as a pre-requisite to refurbishing/ recycling of Electric and Electronic Equipment. Our partnership with various state- of- the-art facilities all across provide us the most innovative and cost-effective methods to cleanse the gadgets of all the possessed Data in a non-retrievable manner, thus providing for not only the necessary privacy of misplacing private data or falling of them in wrong hands. Digital Privacy is of utmost importance for us, as we believe the first step to bring in the recycling revolution of EEE starts from there.

Hence, our program SAFE employs a four point model where we Secure the gadgets upon collection, to save them from any manipulation/ exploitation, Aggregate the data available in the gadgets, understanding the unique types of processes each device needs to undergo to achieve perfect Sanitization, Fix any leakages or points that may be left out in standard processes, thus driving in a more customized and comprehensive strategy for securing each device with equal responsibility and finally Erase any data possessed by these devices, whether through physical, chemical or artificial processes. 

Ye Prayas SAFE service
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