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Scale. Exhaust. Climb. Unleash. Reward. Exhibit.

A partnership program with state, central and local authorities for auditing current procedures and capacity in terms of waste generation and management along with a check-based system to optimize adherence to maximum environmental gains

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We partner with government agencies to Audit their departments in terms of usage and disposal of their Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE.) The program allows the government bodies and corporations to manage their consumption of such products in the most environment friendly and sustainable manner and ultimately derive the maximum value from their disposal processes, while maintaining the guidelines issued by the Pollution Control Boards and ensuring the safety of its operators throughout the process.

The goals of the program are to Scale operations to strike a balance between need, cost and accessibility. To Exhaust all possible options in maintaining a lower carbon footprint and enabling a sustainable method of operations. To Climb through the ranks of interdepartmental constraints and allow a more efficient model of functioning to foster so as to Unleash the full potential of the products while observing both labour and environment safety at the same time. To earn the Reward of carrying such exercise in both monetary and non-monetary methods. To finally Exhibit a greater and greener level of functioning in order to inspire others to do the same. 

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