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Join hands with us in cultivating eco-consciousness among students and staff. Our tailored environmental services encompass waste management, awareness sessions, and sustainable practices. Together, we instill a sense of environmental responsibility, empowering the next generation to shape a greener, more sustainable world. Embrace sustainability with our dedicated support.

Waste Management Challenges in India

India faces significant challenges in waste management, being one of the top producers and importers of E-waste globally. The country also has a high capacity for producing plastic and municipal waste. However, policy discussions and research on waste management remain limited, necessitating urgent attention and action.

Promoting Waste Management Awareness in Education

Ye Prayas recognizes the need to address the lack of awareness and experience in waste management. To tackle this issue, they have partnered with educational institutions at all levels, from primary to tertiary education, across India. Customized curricula are designed to instill a commitment to environmental protection, promoting practices such as recycling and refurbishing. The goal is to create a generation of individuals who understand the importance of waste management and can actively contribute to addressing the climate emergency.

Engaging Young Minds and Career Development

Ye Prayas goes beyond education and also seeks to engage young minds in finding innovative solutions to waste management challenges. They offer ground-level exposure, ideation seminars, and comprehensive courses and workshops in India's leading universities. By providing practical experiences and knowledge, Ye Prayas aims to prepare the brightest minds of the generation to confront the impending waste management crisis. The organization also encourages young individuals to consider careers in waste management, fostering a sustainable and skilled workforce in this critical field.

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